Fitness Facility

Lockton Fitness Facility Insurance is a program dedicated to providing the right coverage to your gym, club, studio or fitness center.

personal training insurance

From individual professional liability coverage to coverage for your business and building, Lockton Affinity’s expertise in the fitness industry is unparalleled. Produced from the expertise of a former professional athlete and training facility operator, our team understands the challenges and unique risks associated with your industry. We make your success our priority.

If you are an independent gym owner, oversee a chain of clubs, or operate your own studio, we offer:

General Liability
Professional Liability
Worker’s Compensation
Employee Practice Liability
Directors and Officers

We offer coverage for all types:

As a professional in the health and fitness business, it’s your job to help your clients be their best self. Likewise, Lockton Affinity is here to help you build the best business by offering comprehensive insurance solutions. Since 1987, Lockton Affinity has been the premiere choice for insurance among business owners. As the largest privately owned, independent insurance brokerage firm in the world, we’ve been able to build a company based on exceptional service, industry expertise, and competitive pricing specific to what you need for your facility.

The Lockton Fitness Facility Insurance Program makes the buying process easy. Give us a call or complete the Inquires form on the right to get started on the quotation process today.

  • Gyms & Fitness Centers
  • Crossfit gyms
  • Pilates Studios
  • Yoga Studios
  • Sports & Rec clubs
  • Dance Studios
  • Athletic & Training facilities
  • Tennis Clubs
  • Multi-purpose facilities
  • Aerobics Studios