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International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance

International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance

International Sports Sciences Association LogoPersonal Trainer Insurance for International Sports Sciences Association Professionals

The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) has trained and educated more 180,000 sports and fitness enthusiasts. If you’re a member of this world-class training and certification association, you’re attune to the highest standards of Personal Fitness Training.

An essential part of your success as a fitness professional is securing a Professional Liability Insurance policy to protect your financial well-being. In their commitment to promote the professional goals of their members, ISSA sponsors an exclusive personal trainer insurance program—available just for ISSA members.

This personal trainer insurance coverage is offered through Lockton Affinity, a company specializing in insuring Fitness Trainers and Specialists, including Pilates Instructors, Yoga Instructors, Exercise Therapists and Performance Nutrition Specialists, and it’s available to you at specially discounted rates.

In the event a client makes a claim against you for negligence or misconduct, this Professional Liability Insurance, tailored just for Personal Fitness Trainers and Specialists, helps defray defense costs and any resulting settlement or judgments and pays you for lost wages, too.

And while you may be covered by an employer’s policy, most employer-provided coverage doesn’t provide enough protection for you personally if you are faced with defending yourself against a claim, and you could end up uninsured in the future if you change jobs. A personal insurance policy allows you to choose your own limits of coverage, and saves you the risk of becoming uninsured from claims arising from previous employment.

So no matter where you train—a health club, senior center, school, or anywhere else—this is must-have coverage to preserve your reputation and your financial security as Personal Fitness Trainer.

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