Professional Liability Insurance for AASDN Members

Professional Liability Insurance for AASDN Members


Insurance for American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists (AASDN) Members

By being a member of this respected education, training and certification association, you are accustom to adhering to the high standards that AASDN maintains. Because you too are dedicated to providing sound, scientifically-based services to your customers, you understand the critical need to be held to those same standards as a professional AASDN certified Nutrition Specialist or Nutrition Manager.

In support of your success, AASDN has partnered with Lockton Affinity to provide you the opportunity to secure critical professional liability insurance at specially negotiated rates just for AASDN members.

An essential part of your success as a health and fitness professional is obtaining a Professional Liability Insurance policy to protect your financial well-being. As you interact closely with your clients, it’s essential to protect yourself from any accusations that could be made against you.

A claim against the instruction or information you provided, or an accusation of sexual harassment, can take valuable time away from work and can cost thousands of dollars to defend—even if you’re found innocent. An insurance policy in your name allows you to choose the amount of insurance coverage you need—up to $3,000,000 per year—and saves you the risk of becoming uninsured from claims arising from previous employment.

And while you may be covered by an employer’s policy, most employer-provided coverage doesn’t provide enough protection for you personally if you are faced with defending yourself against a claim, and you could end up uninsured in the future if you change jobs. A personal insurance policy allows you to choose your own limits of coverage, and saves you the risk of becoming uninsured from claims arising from previous employment.

So no matter where you work—a health club, senior center, school, or anywhere else—this is must-have coverage to preserve your reputation and your financial security as a Nutrition Specialist or Nutrition Manager certified with AASDN.

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