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As a Fitness Trainer, what type of insurance should I look for?

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As a Fitness Trainer, what type of insurance should I look for?

Regardless of what profession you’re in, if you provide professional services you have the potential to be sued. Fitness professionals are no exception. Professional Liability Insurance provides protection in that unsettling moment you are subpoenaed by a court of law for actions stemming from your professional work.

When looking for a Professional Liability Insurance policy, it’s wise to research different providers to compare the coverage being offered. The most important aspect of an insurance policy in your name is that it provides adequate coverage for the work you do as a Personal Fitness Trainer. Coverage options and limits will vary by policy and by provider.

Here are some questions to consider as you explore the options:

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but it’s important to understand coverage that is offered before you buy. Don’t make the common mistake of assuming that a Professional Liability policy automatically has all of the protection you need. Each fitness occupation has nuances that make insurance for them unique. A little research now will save you the heartache of finding out that you don’t have the coverage you need when you’re facing a claim.

Lockton Fitness Professional Liability Insurance is tailored for the merits of the fitness profession. Various coverage limits are offered so you can choose the level of coverage that best fits your needs, whether it’s for full-time or part-time employment, if you’re self-employed, or even a student under supervision. Coverage is provided by an Insurance Company rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best for financial stability. Explore Lockton Fitness Professional Liability Insurance coverage today.