Does Liability Insurance My Employer Carries Cover Me Too?

Employer's Professional Liability Insurance

When something unexpectedly goes wrong and a client decides to sue, chances are the client’s attorney will name anyone and everyone who was part of the client’s fitness plan in the lawsuit. Which means that if you were part of the team, you’ll want to be covered by insurance. What you may not realize is

The answer is a surprising, yes. While it may be less common than it is in other professions, Sports Nutritionists do find themselves facing liability claims, especially as they grow in their practice and expand outside the traditional scope of nutritional care. For example, Sports Nutritionists in the business of recommending supplements to their clients

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Why Fitness students need Professional Liability Insurance

Like any full-time fitness professional, fitness students who spend any time working directly with clients are vulnerable to professional liability claims against them, too. And if a client you are training, or have trained in the past, believes they’ve been wronged or injured due to your negligence during training you provided, they may choose to

What is covered by Lockton Fitness Professional Liability

Professional Liability Insurance is specialty insurance designed to cover fitness professionals charging a fee for services such as guidance, training, instruction, counseling, etc. in a professional capacity. Just as Auto, Home or Health Insurance provides the financial means to recover from unexpected circumstances on a personal level, Professional Liability Insurance provides financial security to practicing

claims made policy vs an occurrence policy

When looking to buy insurance, one of the most important things to understand about the policy is how that insurance will respond when a claim is filed. In the case of Professional Liability Insurance, there are two general types of policies offered: Claims Made Policy and Occurrence Policy. One major difference between a claims made

You can be influential in fitness training older adults by helping them realize the benefits of staying active and making exercise enjoyable. You know that getting older doesn’t mean throwing in the towel on exercise and succumbing to a sedentary lifestyle. As we age, regular exercise becomes essential in keeping our bodies and minds healthy,


While you’re shopping for a Professional Liability Insurance policy, you’ll find many different coverage options with varying degrees of coverage and rates. You’ll also find it’s fairly easy to compare what’s covered—and what’s not—by reviewing the various policies available on the market. But, what’s not as easy to determine is how professional liability rates are

how to handle inappropriate conduct by a client

As a fitness professional, there’s a level of conduct that’s expected of you as you train and give instruction—to act professionally in every way. It’s expected of you by the clients who pay for your services, and certainly by your boss! Hopefully, it’s a part of your own personal code of ethics, too. Despite tales

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill What a wise statement! Our attitude shapes how we interact with others in our daily lives and how they perceive us. As a fitness professional, our attitude can have a big impact on our performance, and our success. Chances are, if you

Knowing how to manage an incident is important

In the daily routine of working as a Fitness Trainer or Instructor, you make every effort to provide careful, accurate instruction. You modify your approach appropriately for each client, and work hard to help them see results. Yet, despite all your best effort and determination to provide excellent service, sometimes unfavorable things happen—a client is