Professional Liability Insurance for Fitness Therapists

Professional Liability Insurance for Fitness Therapists

Fitness Therapist Liability Insurance

Fitness Therapist Liability Insurance

We Protect Fitness Therapists &
Fitness Therapy Assistants

From assessment to recovery, your therapy patients count on you from the onset of care until they’ve established a normal level of functional fitness. No matter what your specialty as a Fitness Therapist or Therapy Assistant—whether it’s working with people who have endured physical injury, treating and advising athletes, or prescribing therapeutic treatments for those who suffer from chronic pain—you’re there to help improve overall fitness and restore mobility.

While your education and clinical experience go a long way in successfully treating your patients, even seasoned professionals who take the greatest of care in their work are vulnerable to the threat of malpractice claims against them. Even a slight mishap in a prescribed recovery program can cause unpleasant effects to your career, your reputation and, most significantly, your finances. The cost to defend even an erroneous claim against you can cost thousands.

As a Fitness Therapist, your best protection is Fitness Therapist Liability Insurance. Even if you’re covered as an employee of a clinic, hospital or fitness facility, chances are you aren’t covered if a claim of misconduct or negligence is made against you directly. With a Professional Liability policy written in your name, you can ensure continuous protection at the level of coverage you choose.

We have designed exclusive Fitness Therapists Liability Insurance and Fitness Therapy Assistant Liability Insurance policies to meet the specific needs of your profession. It provides coverage for the cost of legal fees and judgments or settlements, and it pays for lost wages, too. It’s coverage no Therapist should go without.

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