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Do I need Professional Liability Insurance?

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Do I need Professional Liability Insurance?

If you’re providing a service as a Fitness Instructor, or rendering a professional opinion, Professional Liability Insurance is highly recommended. In fact, many health clubs and employers require their employed instructors to provide evidence of liability insurance in order to provide instruction in their facility. This is a document that shows an individual has an insurance policy in their name that will cover them in the event of a lawsuit. And in many cases, an employer may also require that they be named as an Additional Insured on the insurance policy. This will extend coverage to them as well, should they be named as a co-defendant in a lawsuit.

If I am careful, what are the chances of getting sued?

Even if you’re careful, follow the strict protocol that’s expected of you as a professional, and would never intentionally make an error or do wrong to a client, you simply cannot ignore the fact that anyone can allege virtually anything—and drag you into court. In this litigious world, the reality is any unhappy or dissatisfied client can claim you harmed them during a training session and file a claim against you for negligence or incompetence.

And there are times that the complaint may not even have anything to do with you. Even if you were only remotely involved in a disputed issue, you can get caught up in a legal suit. When people sue, they usually name everyone they think is or was involved in the situation—warranted or not. This could be you, your business and even the owner of the facility where you work.

Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes do happen. It’s human nature. As long as any errors you make in your professional training are not intentional or of a criminal nature, Professional Liability Insurance will cover you for such negligence.

What are the real risks?

Regardless of who is negligent, it can sometimes take years for a claim to work its way through the legal process. Even if you are ultimately absolved of any liability, you can still incur thousands of dollars in legal fees and lost wages defending yourself. Your reputation can also be affected. In a profession where positive word-of-mouth helps you gain more clients, the last thing you need is word of a lawsuit against you reaching your potential clientele. Professional Liability Insurance gives you reassurance that your financial and professional status won’t be ruined over a malpractice judgment.

Tailored coverage you can count on.

Having insurance bears no significance on the likelihood of you being sued. Always practicing good business acumen will go a long way in ensuring you’re safe from unwarranted accusations. Having insurance simply means you are more prepared, and protected, if a claim is made against you.

Lockton Fitness Professional Liability Insurance is tailored for the fitness profession. Coverage is available for full-time or part-time, employed or self-employed instructors, and even students training to be Fitness Instructors. It’s coverage in your name that works for you, wherever you work. Explore Lockton Fitness Professional Liability Insurance coverage today.