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What is Fitness Professional Liability Insurance?

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What is Fitness Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance (sometimes called E&O Insurance), or Malpractice Insurance, insures you against claims (made by clients, customers, etc.) alleging negligence related to the services you provided as a fitness trainer.

What is negligence?

Negligence essentially refers to the failure to provide the degree of knowledge, care or skill of the average professional peer in good standing, under similar circumstances. Just about anyone who claims to be an expert in a field and is compensated for his or her expertise can be held responsible for work, advice or counsel, and can be liable if an accident occurs.

Allegations of negligence in Fitness Professions could include:

There are a host of protective measures that can provide a safety net to help minimize your risk of negligence. Maintaining a professional and safe atmosphere conducive to successful training, making timely and accurate documentation of your interactions and training strategies for each client, and keeping current with national training standards can all help you provide a great standard of care. Your best defense, however, is Professional Liability Insurance.

While it’s standard practice to protect physical property with insurance, the notion to protect your personal financial assets is often overlooked. With Professional Liability Insurance, you’ll get the financial protection you need if a claim of negligence is ever made against you. The insurance company helps to defray the costs associated with legal action and will represent your best interests if a lawsuit goes to trial.

It’s important to explore your options when considering your insurance coverage. Coverage and premium can vary from one insurance provider to the next. By doing your due diligence researching insurance plans available, you will ensure the best insurance coverage for the work that you do as a Fitness Trainer or Instructor. Explore Lockton Fitness Professional Liability Insurance coverage today.