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Healthy and Fast On-the-Go Breakfasts

quick and healthy breakfast options

Healthy and Fast On-the-Go Breakfasts

As you know, good nutrition is essential for your clients as they work toward their physical fitness goals. No matter what time of day they choose to work out, breakfast is key to setting the stage for the whole day’s energy needs. Here are some tips you can provide your clients for getting in a quick and healthy breakfast every day.

Breakfast through a straw

A healthy smoothie or shake can be an extremely convenient breakfast option that’s easy to blend up on the way out the door. Some people make up bags of smoothie ingredients in advance each week and freeze them so they can be dropped into the blender, mixed with a bit of liquid, and pureed into a delicious breakfast in minutes. Another option is to purchase a good quality powdered shake mix that can be mixed with ice and liquid and blended into a quick shake. In either instance, make sure you’re adding a good quality protein source (dairy or non-dairy) and keeping an eye on added sugars.

Breakfast in a bar

If you know you’ll be running out the door each day, stock up on healthy and portable breakfast items like granola bars. You can make your own granola bars, which should keep for about a week in a tightly closed container, or look for high quality bars at the store. Then just grab a bar and a piece of fruit on your way out the door each day for a tasty fiber-filled breakfast.

Yogurt and more

Whether you prefer traditional, Greek or non-dairy yogurt, you can make it more interesting and add nutrients by topping it with a handful of fresh berries and cereal such as natural muesli, granola or your other favorite low-sugar option.

Protein power

Beat two eggs, add some chopped veggies, meat and/or cheese, and microwave them for two minutes or less for a fast breakfast omelet. Start some toast before you prepare the eggs and you can assemble a sandwich in mere minutes.

Add these to your own breakfast shortcut recommendations for your clients and help them build a good nutritional foundation every day.