What Limit of Liability Should You Choose?

As you begin shopping for Professional Liability insurance, choosing an appropriate limit of liability is a major consideration. Here are some of the factors you should take into account. Budget and Resources The limit of liability that you choose should correspond to the size and scope of your professional endeavors, as well as the dollar

Coaching marathon runners requires a lot of specialized knowledge.

As a fitness trainer, you may have trained and run marathons yourself. However, coaching other runners through their training requires more than just the knowledge you picked up along the way. Most coaching certification groups require their running coaches to have a broad education on topics beyond just their individual sport, including: Fundamentals of coaching

Recent statistics indicate that more than 15 million Americans practice yoga for its mind and body benefits. Even though there are many different styles of yoga, all instructors can do certain things to make sure their students gain the health benefits of yoga while minimizing their risk for injuries. We asked a group of professional

New Fitness Training Clients

Your career as a personal fitness trainer depends on having customers. No matter how good you are at getting results for your customers, you have to actually have customers or you won’t have a business for long. Gaining new fitness training clients takes perseverance and some marketing smarts. These six tips can help you succeed.

youth sports training

Spring sports leagues are in full swing and it’s a time when parents may be looking for some additional youth sports training for the young athletes in their families. Almost every youngster can benefit from working with a fitness trainer, whether to improve strength and endurance for sports performance or to get in better shape

risks for fitness professionals

Q. How can fitness professionals avoid being sued? A. It’s simple: perform your job perfectly in every moment to achieve the desired outcome each and every time. In a perfect world, maybe that would be the solution. The reality is that things are not this simple. There is no perfect solution to prevent every misstep

starting your own fitness business

Starting your own fitness business isn’t a decision that comes easily. And it is one that can come about for any number of reasons. Regardless of your motivation, starting your own fitness business can be thrilling and terrifying all at the same time: you’re excited for what the future may hold, but you know you’ll

How to Create a Friendly and Safe Environment

The atmosphere you create at your fitness studio or gym can make a big difference in how impactful your clients’ workouts can be. Here are 11 ideas for how to create a friendly and safe environment for your work space: 1. Keep it spacious. Slip, trip and fall hazards are a leading cause of liability

What to expect in trial preparation and testimony

Our series on understanding the claim process is intended to give you a basic knowledge of the legal process and guidance if you find yourself in the position of defending a malpractice claim. We wrap up our series with Part 5, a brief overview of what to expect when preparing for a trial and giving

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what to expect when giving a deposition

Our series on understanding the claim process is intended to give you a basic knowledge of the legal process and guidance if you find yourself in a position of defending a malpractice claim against you. In Part 4 of our series, we discuss what to expect when you’re called to give a deposition. Part 4: