Why Lockton for Fitness Professional Liability Insurance

Lockton Fitness: A name you can trust

Lockton Fitness: Professional Liability Insurance for fitness trainers and instructorsWe’ll start with the basics: Lockton Affinity, LLC is a subsidiary of Lockton, Inc.®, the largest privately owned, independent insurance brokerage firm in the world.

Because we focus on the specialized insurance needs of professionals, associations and groups, we’ve been able to partner with an amazing group of fitness and sporting associations to offer their members customized Professional Liability Insurance programs. No matter where you are in your professional fitness career—employed, self-employed or a student just starting out—Lockton Fitness has the protection you need.

It’s easy

We get that you don’t want to have to to puzzle out a lot of insurance jargon. At Lockton Fitness, we make sure you understand what’s covered at what cost, and make the buying process easy. All you need to do is go online when it’s convenient for you—no phone tag with an agent or office appointments required—then you can get back to focusing on your clients, not on paperwork.

Its quick

  1. You can get free, no-obligation estimates and choose from multiple coverage options.
  2. Pick the estimate that works best for you, answer a few additional questions to complete the online application, and put in your formal proposal request.
  3. Once we accept your online application, you’ll get a confirmation of your coverage terms to approve.
  4. Then, just pay for your insurance policy online, and you’re covered!
Its affordable

Group purchasing power lets us offer you the best, most competitive rates. Your Professional Liability Insurance coverage in this program is provided through the Master Policy issued to The National Professional Purchasing Group Association, Inc. You’ll become a member at the same time you purchase the coverage.