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Managing Triathlon Training Risks

by / Published in Triathlon Coaches
Managing triathlon training risks

Managing Triathlon Training Risks

As a triathlon coach, you know that training for triathlons is intense. Even with responsible, individualized training, you may end up with a client who suffers an injury and claims that your professional advice was harmful.

You can cut down on the risk of that happening by making sure that your professional coaching covers all bases for your clients, including:

  • Verifying they’ve had a physical exam and been given medical clearance for triathlon training.
  • Letting them know the warning signs of potential medical problems that warrant stopping during training or competition, including light-headedness or fainting, difficulty breathing, chest pain or pressure, racing pulse, etc. Be sure they know that any of these symptoms should be brought to their doctor’s attention right away.
  • Bring your professional experience to bear in advising clients of the competition type(s) appropriate for their general health and fitness level, experience, and the amount of preparation they will have.
  • Make sure that swimming training includes open water practice.
  • Explain how to identify any aspects of event or course safety that may be lacking.
  • Teach them how to check their own gear and equipment for safety and proper function.
  • Emphasize the importance of diet and rest in conjunction with training and competition.
  • Keep your CPR certification current in case of emergency.

With all of those things in mind, your clients should be more prepared to train and compete safely.