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4 Ways to Burn Belly Fat

ways to burn belly fat

4 Ways to Burn Belly Fat

Attempting to lose weight, especially weight that has settled in the tummy area, can be a big undertaking. When clients come to you seeking your expertise to help them shed these unwanted and unhealthy pounds, there is useful advice you can give them that goes beyond exercise.

Most belly fat is visceral fat, which is stored deep inside the abdominal cavity and can have serious effects on our health. Too much visceral fat stored in our bodies may lead to life-threatening conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some kinds of cancers. The sooner this excess weight is dropped, the better our vital organs can function, leading to better long-term health.

Your clients may believe that the only way to shed belly fat is by engaging in endless hours of cardio fitness. But the truth is, there are other ways to burn belly fat than just working out. Yes, cardio activity is the primary way to lose weight, but it’s important that your clients understand what other factors are tied to the body’s ability to eliminate belly fat.

#4. De-stress. A continually high stress level in the human body impedes the fight against belly fat because it stimulates production of the hormone cortisol. Small bursts of cortisol is the body’s natural way of responding to stress, but high levels over time can break down the lean muscle that’s needed to burn calories more efficiently and work off belly fat. It’s important for cortisol levels to be maintained at a normal level. This can be achieved by practicing relaxation methods, especially after stressful situations. Simple breathing techniques can be a good solution to quickly de-stress.

#3. Sleep. Not getting enough sleep works against anyone trying to lose weight in several ways. When the body is sleep deprived it also releases more cortisol. Another function of cortisol involves glucose metabolism, and when cortisol levels aren’t balanced it triggers cravings for foods high in sugar and bad fats, both of which are responsible for producing belly fat. Sleep deprivation also causes you to expend less energy, which means you must lower your caloric intake accordingly in order to lose weight. Plus, sleepless nights can instigate overeating beyond our recommended daily calorie intake. When your clients have belly fat to lose, recommend that they get 7 hours of sleep a night.

#2. Fiber-packed diet. Eating foods high in fiber is a key element of shedding pounds because these foods keep you fuller for longer without unnecessary additives. Recommend that your clients fill their dinner plates with these superfoods to help their bodies lose belly fat:

  • veggies
  • beans and legumes
  • whole grains
  • oatmeal
  • fresh berries

#1. Exercise. It’s true, exercise is the primary means of trimming fat. The key with effective exercise is getting the heart rate up for a continued period of time. A vigorous workout of at least 20 minutes, four days a week, is recommended to burn fat as well as prevent additional visceral fat from accumulating. Training sessions with a personal trainer are fantastic for creating a workout targeted at belly fat, but be sure to let your clients know that workouts don’t have to be reserved for the gym. We’ve suggested these smart ways your clients can get a workout doing everyday activities.

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