Professional Liability Insurance for Martial Arts Instructors

Professional Liability Insurance for Martial Arts Instructors

Martial Arts Instructor Liability InsuranceWe Protect Martial Arts Instructors

Strength, agility, endurance and balance: the foundation of Martial Arts and fundamental elements your students aim to master through your instruction as a Martial Arts Conditioning Instructor. But despite your master status and commitment to proper Martial Arts instruction, the unexpected can happen and a claim of your negligence or misconduct can be made against you.

No matter which Martial Arts discipline you specialize in, your best financial protection as a professional instructor is a Professional Liability Insurance policy in your name.

Whether you work for a Martial Arts studio or are self-employed, Martial Arts Instructor Insurance is essential coverage that safeguards your personal assets from the devastating effects of a liability claim against you. It pays defense costs, judgments or settlements, and even pays you for lost wages for time spent defending a claim. And, if you’re found at fault, this insurance coverage applies as long as any negligence stemming from your instruction was unintentional. Professional Liability Insurance is coverage you hope you’ll never need to use, but will be relieved to have should you ever need it.

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