Professional Liability Insurance for Triathlon Coaches

Professional Liability Insurance for Triathlon Coaches

Triathlon Coach Liability Insurance

Triathlon Coach Liability Insurance

We Protect Triathlon Coaches

When someone desires improved triathlon performance, a trained Triathlon Coach is the go-to person to get results. You understand the dynamics of this intense competition, the dedication it takes to train, and you can guide your clients in the most effective techniques to optimize their performance.

Whether you’re guiding triathlon amateurs or experts, your individualized training approach helps your clients physically and mentally prepare for the race and compete at their best. It’s a rewarding profession to be in—and one that doesn’t come without liabilities.

Unfortunately, no matter how customized your approach to triathlon training is or how good your relationships with your clients are, injury, malpractice and sexual harassment claims against you can happen.

The best triathlon coaches know that the surest protection in that unthinkable moment is having Professional Liability Insurance. A single claim against you—whether justifiable or not—can cost thousands of dollars, interrupt your course of work, and even harm your reputation. With a Triathlon Coach Liability Insurance policy in your own name, you can rest assured that you’re covered whether you work as part of a team or independently, and with coverage that ensures you’re fully protected.

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