Professional Liability Insurance for Aerobics Instructors

Professional Liability Insurance for Aerobics Instructors

We Protect Aerobics Instructors

Aerobics Instructor Professional Liability Insurance

Aerobics Instructor Professional Liability Insurance

As an Aerobics Instructor, you’re in tune with all the benefits of exercise and strive to help others aspire to be physically fit, too. Unfortunately, no matter how compassionate you are in your instruction and how carefully you match your aerobic routines to the fitness level of your students, as an Aerobics Instructor you are at risk for allegations of misconduct and negligence. A claim of a student’s injury caused by your instruction or an accusation of harassment can surface when you least expect it.

In that critical moment, the best protection is an Aerobics Instructor Liability Insurance policy.

While you may be covered under an employer’s Professional Liability policy, that policy likely excludes coverage if you’re personally named in a lawsuit. A single claim can cost thousands of dollars and interrupt your ability to continue working—even if you’re acquitted of any wrongdoing. Whether you’re self-employed or work for a fitness facility, community center or other recreational facility, your own Professional Liability Insurance policy provides protection you can count on.

This is comprehensive and affordable Aerobics Instructor Liability Insurance that can be purchased online in a few minutes. You’ll get your policy and proof of coverage via email so you can work with peace of mind.

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