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Benefits of Joining a Professional Association

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benefits of joining an association

Benefits of Joining a Professional Association

No matter what stage you’re at in your career, belonging to a professional association can be advantageous. When you join an association, you’re aligning yourself with others who want the best for the community in which the association is a part.

Associations function as advocates for the awareness and promotion of a certain field or profession—often serving as the primary support system for the change and betterment of the people affected by that particular industry as a whole―not just its members. Associations often gain tactical connections and the respect of key influencers who can assist in bringing about growth, on both political and financial levels.

Associations gain strength in numbers. The greater the number of members, the more potential influence an association can have. You may be just one person, but combining your membership with others leads to a bigger, stronger organization. And in many cases, this pooled buying power means steeper discounts on products and services negotiated by the association for its membership.

If you’re passionate about promoting advancement and/or change in your field, then belonging to an association is a great opportunity for you. Not only does membership support your profession, but it gives you access to tools that can help enrich your career. Here are some of the most notable benefits of joining a professional association.

Networking: Perhaps the most meaningful tool is the ability to network with other people in the same profession. Professionals thrive when they can collaborate with other like-minded individuals. This is especially true if you are self-employed or part of a small workforce. You probably have few other people in your field to consult with on a regular basis and an association grants you access to experts in the field.

Online Communities: Associations also often have online communities where questions can be asked and answered by fellow members and expert contributors. A forum is an easy “go-to” to seek help and can be an excellent resource to find solutions for any sort of problem or issue you may be experiencing in your workplace―whether it’s training methods, personnel, managing your business or anything else.

Career Advancement: Association membership can play a significant role in helping you advance in your career as well. Most associations hold some sort of training throughout the year, from local or regional low-cost workshops to annual conventions held at appealing locations. Through attendance at these types of events, you’re exposed to numerous learning and networking opportunities, as well as in-person exposure to many other benefits of your membership (like an insurance program offering or equipment discounts).

Job Opportunities: Another benefit some associations offer to their membership is a job search platform. This is typically an online resource that allows you to search for open positions in your field. This job search tool is especially helpful as you advance your career through education, training and advanced certification.

The value you get from being a member of an association will depend on the time and effort you put into using the resources and tools that are made available to you. The ultimate goal of belonging to a professional association is to help you become a successful part of the industry in which you belong. So, to get the most out of your association you must involve yourself.

The benefits of joining a professional association are plenty and joining should be viewed as an investment in your future. You are supporting your industry or profession to bring about awareness and advancement for others like you… today and into the future.