ECA-Endorsed Liability Insurance

ECA-Endorsed Liability Insurance

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Insurance for ECA Members

The ECA is dedicated to providing leadership and quality programming in the fitness world – the “Fitness with the Conscience” method is reflective of the service you provide to your clients, so you understand the requirements of maintaining a solid reputation. As such, you too are dedicated to staying ahead of the pack with regard to education, certifications and providing a safe, sound environment for your clients.   

ECA understands what makes a successful trainer, and in support of your continued success has determined that having the right professional liability insurance is critical. Lockton Affinity, ECA’s endorsed insurance provider, is here to help you secure professional liability insurance at specially negotiated rates just for ECA members.

In your line of work, you interact closely with your clients, so it’s essential to protect yourself from any accusations that could be made against you, and that is where a Professional Liability Insurance policy can protect your financial well-being.

As an instructor, a claim against the instruction or information you provided, or an accusation of sexual harassment, can take valuable time away from work and can cost thousands of dollars to defend—even if you’re found innocent. An insurance policy in your name allows you to choose the amount of insurance coverage you need—up to $3,000,000 per year.

As an owner, Lockton Affinity can provide broader coverage for your trainers, your property & equipment, and other necessary general liability insurance options.

So no matter where you work—a health club, senior center, school, or anywhere else—this is must-have coverage to preserve your reputation and your financial security as a trainer.

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