Exercise Equipment Safety for Your Clients

Exercise equipment safety

Making exercise equipment available for the use of clients involves various responsibilities and in turn, opens you to certain legal liabilities. There are benefits and risks to the use of all equipment, including weight machines, treadmills, kettle bells, Pilates equipment, exercise balls, elliptical machines, stationary bicycles, free weights, balance beams and more. Here are some

Help your fitness clients stay cool and safe in the summer heat.

Your clients undoubtedly share your enthusiasm for outdoor workouts. However, there are special hazards during the summer that your less experienced clients might not be prepared for. Hot temperatures can lead to heat illnesses such as heat exhaustion and even heat stroke, so it’s important to provide guidance to help your clients protect themselves through

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How to Create a Friendly and Safe Environment

The atmosphere you create at your fitness studio or gym can make a big difference in how impactful your clients’ workouts can be. Here are 11 ideas for how to create a friendly and safe environment for your work space: 1. Keep it spacious. Slip, trip and fall hazards are a leading cause of liability