The Importance of Promptly Reporting a Claim or Incident

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In the daily routine of working as a Fitness Trainer or Instructor, you make every effort to provide careful, accurate instruction. You modify your approach appropriately for each client, and work hard to help them see results. Yet, despite all your best effort and determination to provide excellent service, sometimes unfavorable things happen—a client is

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Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance (sometimes called E&O Insurance), or Malpractice Insurance, insures you against claims (made by clients, customers, etc.) alleging negligence related to the services you provided as a fitness trainer. What is negligence? Negligence essentially refers to the failure to provide the degree of knowledge, care or

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Regardless of what profession you’re in, if you provide professional services you have the potential to be sued. Fitness professionals are no exception. Professional Liability Insurance provides protection in that unsettling moment you are subpoenaed by a court of law for actions stemming from your professional work. When looking for a Professional Liability Insurance policy,

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If you’re providing a service as a Fitness Instructor, or rendering a professional opinion, Professional Liability Insurance is highly recommended. In fact, many health clubs and employers require their employed instructors to provide evidence of liability insurance in order to provide instruction in their facility. This is a document that shows an individual has an