Exercising As A Family

Exercising as a family

When you’re working with a client, they may express a wish that their partner and/or children would take up similar healthy habits. Anything you can do to facilitate that can be great for your client as well as their family members. Whether your client is already a high-performing athlete or just starting to establish a

Facts about caffeine

There’s a lot of misinformation about caffeine floating around, so it can be difficult to sort out the facts from the fiction. Because caffeine is such a popular substance, it has been studied extensively. Here are some of the scientific facts we know about caffeine today. Caffeine is not actually addictive Scientists agree that the

Essential fitness gear

Fitness trainers have one thing in common with their students: a need for good-quality workout gear and accessories suited to the activities that they will engage in the most. Here are some of the essential basics that will serve you well as you’re training others and round out your training tools to help your clients.

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Why detox diets are not recommended

So-called “detox” or detoxification diets are an increasingly popular trend, and your clients may ask for your advice about them. On the surface, it may seem like a good idea to begin a new fitness or nutrition regimen with a detox or “cleanse,” but science offers numerous arguments against the concept. Here are some of

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Helpful fitness apps

When you’re looking for new ways to help your clients stay engaged and motivated, consider recommending some of the many fitness apps now available for smartphones and fitness devices. Recent comScore data indicates that smartphones now make up more than 70% of the U.S. mobile phone market. That means it’s very likely that most your

Encouraging clients to keep exercising

The fact that someone has come to you for fitness coaching, consultation or classes is an excellent sign: it means they are seriously considering making exercise a part of their life. However, it takes some time and repetition for good intentions to become habit. That’s where you need strategies for helping your clients follow through

Proper maintenance is key to Pilates equipment safety

Pilates Reformers and other equipment have a lot of moving parts that are subject to wear and can fail due to use or age. Various equipment manufacturers have slightly different guidelines for cleaning and maintenance, but all recommend vigilance when it comes to equipment safety, maintenance and repair. Improper equipment maintenance can lead to significant

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There’s more to training for a marathon than just running. Proper nutrition is also essential for long-distance runners. Depending on the experience level of your clients, they may not know that what they eat during and after a run is just as important as what they eat beforehand. Here are some tips on the best

Martial arts training safety

The practice of martial arts by its very nature has a tendency to lead to injury. According to data from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the most common martial arts injuries are sprains, strains, cuts and bruises, with broken bones being listed as a frequent injury as well. Proper training and preparation are vital

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quick and healthy breakfast options

As you know, good nutrition is essential for your clients as they work toward their physical fitness goals. No matter what time of day they choose to work out, breakfast is key to setting the stage for the whole day’s energy needs. Here are some tips you can provide your clients for getting in a